SimplicityBased in Port Washington, WI, Simplicity has plenty of experience with snow. Their testing grounds are right off Lake Michigan, and when they get it, they really get it. Simplicity snow blowers are known as some of the easiest to use and most durable snow blowers ever made. The best thing about Simplicity is their commitment to quality and to their dealerships. Simplicity does not believe that box stores can offer the service their customers deserve.

They use the popular Briggs & Stratton engines and have designed very usable models. Their single stage blowers are 5 HP with or without electric start and we go up from there. Simplicity two stage snow throwers really bring the competition, and when you grab the handle you can feel why. They are likely the best built and least compromised two stage snow throwers out there.

Simplicity’s large snow blowers are simply the best of the best, and they aren’t priced a whole lot more than the Ariens or the Toro models. This is because they shoot for prices by determining they quantity they need to manufacture and ship at one time. When you really get to the grit on the two-stages, Simplicity proves to be a worthy adversary and often finds a home in your garage.

Simplicity single stage snow blowers are nice, and maybe offer a bit better deal than the Toro or Honda, but aren’t quite as durable as the Toro, and will still be louder than the Honda. They are a fair alternative to either of those two, which is still a compliment as Toro and Honda blow away the single stage market. All Simplicity snow blowers are worthy of consideration, and tend to spur a lot of brand loyalty – behind only John Deere and Honda.