CraftsmanCraftsman snow blowers are of course Sears compliment to their best selling craftsman lawnmowers. They offer models starting around $350 to over $1000 and prefer to stick with 4 cycle engines – which means no messy mixing of gas, although you do have to change the oil once a year – which is much easier when the weather is warm.

There is a Craftsman snow blower for every driveway and are in the middle of the road for price, but tend to be on the lower end of quality. You will find that they offer more horsepower than competing brands to have an edge, but only Simplicity rates all widths and puts the appropriate size engine on. You will always want to compare Craftsman and MTD products to Simplicity to make sure you are gaining. Extra horsepower won’t help once the width intake is maxed out.

Although they may not be the best buy on the market, they are considered a bit higher quality than the Yard Man products and are a bit more expensive, in the smallest models Yard Man maintains the edge, and among the other models, they will become fairly equal. Craftsman snow blowers are very popular because of the trusted name and distribution, but don’t be fooled these are not on par with their hand tools.