At SnowBlowerFacts.com we review the most popular brands of snow blowers and each of their individual models every year. We help you compare the brands and make an informed decision in buying your snow thrower. We compare brands and models based on cost, reliability/durability, performance, and after purchase support.

Because we do not directly sell the snow blowers, we are very open and objective in our reviews. They will not all be positive, and very often we will wonder why the company even offers the model, although we know why. The big box stores do not want to sell against each other or their other in store models and can get whatever they request from most companies. Sometimes you can buy a 7 HP model that is 2″ wider for $30 more, and we have to advise against buying the smaller model. Sometimes the quality will change and we will advise the other way.

Enjoy, and good luck in choosing between all of these snow blowers!

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