Honda Power EquipmentThe ultimate solution for the Honda fanatic, is the Honda snow blower. Too many times you have had a snow blower that was a hard-start or even no start at all. Honda snow blowers are designed to last and run easily during their life cycle. With the proper care, there is no reason why a Honda snow blower cannot last 20 years or more. It would not be surprising for it to start on the first pull the whole time also. Honda snow blowers also have a reputation for being quiet and burning cleaner than many other brands. A large factor in that is that Honda only builds 4-cycle engines – reducing the smoke and smell.

Although Honda snow blowers are easy to work on, and easy to find parts for, Honda parts tend to be quite expensive. They are actually the most expensive parts we have reviewed being more than double what comparable Toro parts averaged. The good news here is that you can get the parts and you don’t need them very often. Overall, Honda snow blowers should be considered among the best snow blowers available, and among the most expensive available.

Honda snow blowers come in all sizes to meet your varied snow removal needs. Honda sells a 5 hp 20″ single-stage snow blower that runs a 4-cycle engine. This is very unique to the market’s current lineup of single stage snow throwers. The Honda single stage snow blowers cost slightly more than the market dominating Toro lineup, but they start very easily, are quiet, and they will not make your winter wear smell like exhaust. The Honda single stage snow blowers in our opinion; are simply the best.

The larger Honda snow blowers also have some unique features including a track drive that will help with traction on a steep slippery surface. Often, this track can offer better traction than a nubby tire, and catch better traction on ice. They also are available with a serrated intake which helps with icy snow. These snow blowers are also quieter than the competition, but they will be more expensive. You will have to decide if you would like to pay more for these features. The Honda snow blowers are worth serious consideration.